My Brother’s Keeper Re-Entry Services

The Mission of My Brother’s Keeper Re-Entry Services, LLC is to cultivate positive life change in the disposition of ex-offenders and at risk youth, thereby setting them on a foundation from which future success is probable.

Our Vision is founded in the belief that every individual has the capacity to change. When given the correct tools, motivation and opportunity most individuals will embrace the ideal of a positive and productive lifestyle.

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My Brother’s Keeper is primarily focused on changing the life course of at risk youth. We believe that by reaching our youth in disadvantaged conditions with love, hope and opportunities we can change the course of their lives. Simply stated when given the opportunity to belong to something greater then themselves most will sign up.

We provide the environment where change is possible and expected!

Please Consider a Donation. With your help Change is Possible!

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My Brother’s Keeper Re-Entry Services, LLC

3003 Penn Avenue North Suite #11

Minneapolis, MN 55411

Cary Dorsey/ Director


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